• Nice White Sharks are the most important identified predatory fish, they usually stay as much as 70 years. Females are bigger than males.
  • Killer whales are the one identified pure predator of Nice White Sharks and have been recorded attacking and consuming them.
  • Shark cage diving excursions in New Zealand, particularly within the Foveaux Strait, supply guests the prospect to see Nice White Sharks within the wild and study in regards to the species.

Nice White Sharks are maybe essentially the most feared of sharks, they usually patrol all of the world’s non-polar areas. Nice Whites are well-known (or notorious) for his or her measurement and for being an apex predator of the oceans. The most effective methods to see these lions of the oceans proper of their jaws is with a shark cage diving tour in New Zealand.

There are various shark cage diving tours offered around the world. New Zealand’s Kaikoura is also one of the best places in the world for whale-watching for Sperm Whales (most whale-watching excursions deal with Humpback Whales). Here is what to know to get pleasure from an exhilarating cage diving expertise with Nice Whites in New Zealand.

Nice White Sharks Are The Apex Predator Of The Oceans

Great White Shark

Nice White Shark

Nice Whites stay as much as 70 years (or much more). It takes round 33 years for females to mature and 26 years for males to mature. The females are bigger than the males (females develop to fifteen to 16 ft whereas males develop 11 to 13 ft). The biggest confirmed specimen measured 19 ft lengthy and weighed round 4,410 lbs (or 2 tons).

  • Largest Nice White: 19 ft or 5.8 meters
  • Scientific Identify: Carcharodon carcharias
  • Vary: All Non-Polar Oceans

Nice White Sharks are the most important identified dwelling predatory fish (that is not a filter-feeder) and prey on different fish, seabirds, and dolphins. The one identified pure predator is the orca or killer whale. Killer whales are very clever and are a lot bigger than Nice Whites. They’ve been recorded on a number of events to assault, kill, and eat the livers of Nice White Sharks.

It has not been attainable to maintain Nice Whites in captivity so the one technique to see them is within the wild. Due to films like Jaws, it has change into feared as a ferocious man-eater. Whereas that isn’t fully inaccurate, in reality people are usually not typically on its menu.

That being stated, Nice White sharks are chargeable for the most important variety of recognized deadly unprovoked shark assaults with lower than 10 incidents recorded yearly (though the precise quantity might be far more).

South Africa is especially well-known for its Nice White sightings, however they’re discovered in lots of different locations from New Zealand to California.

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How To See Nice White Sharks In New Zealand

Great white shark cage diving, South Africa

Nice white shark cage diving, South Africa

New Zealand is a superb place to see marine life together with whales at Kaikoura, dolphins, penguins (together with the rare yellow-eyed penguin), seals, and the only mainland Royal Albatross colony.

On land, New Zealand is known for its many distinctive and native birds whereas within the sea, guests can see a number of the world’s most iconic marine life.

  • Location: Bluff (deep south South Island)

The place to go shark cage diving is within the Foveaux Strait between New Zealand’s South Island and Stewart Island off the south coast. This can be a 2.5-hour drive south of the journey capital of Queenstown.

These excursions are centered on offering the general public with schooling in regards to the species in addition to the safety and promotion of the sharks and the broader marine surroundings. Shark cage diving is an journey few will ever overlook.

Come head to head with one of the crucial feared animals of the ocean (and arguably one of the crucial misunderstood).

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What To Know About The Shark Encounter In New Zealand

Underwater with Great White Shark

Underwater with Nice White Shark

The shark cage excursions function out of the southernmost fishing (and oyster fishing) village of Bluff simply south of the southern metropolis of Invercargill. The native tour operator is Shark Experience who has a few years of expertise taking vacationers all over the world to see the sharks.

On the boat tour, guests may have the ability to see albatrosses, quite a few different sea birds, and if they’re fortunate, whales.

  • Season: 1st December 2023 to June 2024
  • Sightseeing Day Tour: From NZD $299.00 (approx. USD 180)
  • Shark Cage Dive – Dive Coaching Included: From NZD $599.00 (approx. USD $360)
  • Length: Full-Day Tour (approx.)

The Nice White Sharks are wild creatures and the tour operators don’t management them. There is no such thing as a assure that guests will see them. Nice White Sharks are the commonest sightings, however different sharks like Makos, Blues, and Sevengiller sharks are generally additionally seen.

Those that have by no means dived can take their introduction to underwater respiration coaching session after which benefit from the shark encounter.

Boat Harbor On Stewart Island New Zealand
Tonia Kraakman / Unsplash

Boat Harbor On Stewart Island New Zealand

The size of the tour is determined by the sharks, so the tour is labeled as a full-day tour.

  • The tour departs at 7:00 am (climate dependent) and usually returns round 5:00 pm.

Notice that Foveaux Strait is famously tough with massive ocean swells (that is the roaring 40s), so guests ought to take some movement illness tablets with them to keep away from sea illness.

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