To not be confused with Naica’s Cave of Crystals (Mexico), The Bahamas’ Crystal Cave is a hidden gem for cave divers that lurks beneath the plush island of Abaco. Identified for its huge community of underwater rooms and caverns, this assortment of caves is a real marvel to behold and one of the longest underwater caves in the world.

However what actually units The Bahamas’ Crystal Cave other than other blue holes in the area is the complicated array of colourful crystal formations inside its caves. With beautiful reds, oranges, and pinks, the Sahara mud trapped throughout the crystals gives divers a fascinating and unmatched expertise of nature. Plus, with names like ‘The Glass Manufacturing unit,’ it is simple to see why The Bahamas’ Crystal Cave is taken into account the place for underwater crystals.

Curious to seek out out extra about this sensational pure phenomenon? With cave divers, historians, geologists, archeologists, and scientists alike all anxious to discover its depths and unlock the secrets and techniques hidden within the cave, let’s uncover some unbelievable details about The Bahamas’ Crystal Cave.

10 It is Truly Known as The Crystal Caves Of Abaco

Extra broadly referred to as the Crystal Caves of Abaco, this crystal paradise is made up of two cave techniques – Dan’s Cave and Ralph’s Cave – which, when linked, make up the longest cave in The Bahamas. That is 10 miles of cave.

Likened to a crystal chandelier by The Bahamas Underground, the official diving firm behind accessing the caves, the crystals discovered inside these two caves provide divers a few of the most breathtaking views. Although there are literally two different notable cave techniques connected to those wonders – Nancy’s Cave and Sawmill Sink (well-liked for its fossils) – it is actually for Dan and Ralph’s Caves that divers fly internationally for.

9 The Caves Lie Proper Under Abaco Island

Hope Town on Elbow Cay off the island of Abaco, Bahamas

Hope City on Elbow Cay off the island of Abaco, Bahamas

Well-known for its picturesque beaches and cays, the island of Abaco is not any stranger to vacationers. It is even a popular hotspot for boating. But slightly below the floor of this tropical paradise exists a world hardly explored.

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Originally used as a source of fresh water for loggers within the area through the 1900s, the blue holes divers now use to enter the Crystal Caves of Abaco had been solely correctly found within the ’90s. Even so, with over 30 years of exploration, it is nonetheless fairly wonderful how these caves have managed to stay a secret from mainstream tourism for therefore lengthy.

8 The Crystals Can Be Large

Diver looking at large rose colored crystals in the glass factory of the Bahamas' crystal cave
Through Becky Kagan Schott

Diver giant rose coloured crystals within the glass manufacturing facility of the Bahamas’ crystal cave

Though the crystals in Dan’s Cave and Ralph’s Cave are available varied sizes and shapes, some crystals columns have been found to extend up to 30 feet in length! It is no marvel, then, that divers have reported it being fairly nerve-wracking to navigate via the caves.

Fortunately, the view of the crystals is one value working laborious for. With quite a few rooms, from ‘The Glass Manufacturing unit’ to ‘The Butterfly Forest and The Pineapple Pool,’ divers are spoiled for selection with the range in shade and magnificence of the crystal formations.

7 The Crystal Cave Is A Protected Space

However that wasn’t at all times the case. With the help of the Bahamas Caves Analysis Basis, Nationwide Geographic, plus an entire lot of individuals from the worldwide diving neighborhood, the Crystal Caves of Abaco officially became part of the South Abaco Blue Holes Conservation Area in 2015.

In 2019, this was taken even additional, with the South Abaco Blue Holes changing into a acknowledged forest (above and under floor). Although the caves have but to change into a UNESCO World Heritage Website, the drive and help of the worldwide diving neighborhood is bound to succeed in that purpose within the close to future.

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6 The Caves Are Nonetheless Being Explored

Based on The DailyMail, less than 20% of blue holes in The Bahamas have been explored, and virtually none have been totally investigated. Like so many different underwater caves within the space, The Bahamas’ Crystal Caves are not any exception to this example.

Despite the fact that the dive depth of these caves only reaches 180 feet – a considerable feat for skilled divers however nonetheless nowhere near the depth of other blue holes in The Bahamas – the complete extent of the Crystal Caves of Abaco remains to be a thriller.

Fortunately, with groups like The Bahamas Underground, fixed analysis and dives into the caves are being carried out to proceed the exploration of its tunnels, caverns, and secrets and techniques. It is nonetheless going to take time, although, since, not like fish, people haven’t got gills.

5 The Caves Are A Time Capsule

Tilloo Cay, Marsh Harbour, Abaco, The Bahamas

Tilloo Cay, Marsh Harbour, Abaco, The Bahamas

It would not be recognized from the above-ground-tropical-resort-vibe that Abaco has occurring, however The Bahamas’ Crystal Caves are the right time capsule! Due to the toxic gasoline and little oxygen that fills the caves, divers and researchers have discovered a treasure trove of historic and geological artifacts, starting from a 3,000-year-old crocodile cranium to skeletons of Lucayan natives (the primary folks thought to have inhabited the island).

This is among the extra tough time capsules to entry, nevertheless, as divers coming into the realm with poisonous gasoline have reported feeling incredibly nauseous. Not an ideal feeling to have when swimming, not to mention when swimming in underwater caves.

4 Scientists Are Utilizing The Crystal Caves To Predict Alien Life

by way of Shutterstock

Diving within the blue gap

That is proper! Based on Nationwide Geographic, scientists are using microbes found in the Crystal Caves of Abaco to foretell how extraterrestrial life could also be surviving on planets that lack valuable O2. From blind shrimp to crustaceans the scale of sesame seeds, ET-esque creatures could possibly be residing nearer to people than beforehand thought.

That is not all. With the number of residing fossils discovered inside these blue holes, scientists are additionally eager to maintain exploring to find new species and uncover how life can survive in even the harshest of conditions.

3 The Crystal Caves Of Abaco Impressed A Film

Based on The Day by day Mail, James Cameron’s 2011 film Sanctum was inspired by the photographs revealed in Nationwide Geographic’s August 2010 situation. For a reminiscence jog, these pictures had been of The Bahamas’ Crystal Caves.

Though there haven’t but been any tales of divers getting caught within the caves, like within the movie, the possibilities of one thing going flawed below Brian Kakuk, knowledgeable information and co-founder of The Bahamas Underground, are slim. With more than 15 years of experience in cave diving under his belt, Kakuk is the unmatched grasp of the caves.

2 The Photos Do not Do It Justice

Maybe shocking to these having not but visited the Crystal Caves of Abaco, however divers declare that the photographs do not do it justice. Time and time once more, divers have mentioned how mesmerizing and entrancing the caves are, a lot in order that pictures simply have not been in a position to seize all of its magnificence. All of the extra purpose to expertise the caves firsthand!

Alas, not everybody may be skilled cave divers. For these nonetheless eager to benefit from the view, there have been quite a few films produced capturing some of the glory of the Crystal Caves of Abaco.

1 Entry To The Caves Is Restricted

Because of the tough nature of cave diving at this location, entry to The Bahamas’ Crystal Cave is restricted to solely skilled cave divers. These inclined to make a visit ought to contact The Bahamas Underground for diving permits.

Alternatively, these hoping for a dryer expertise can nonetheless rise up shut and private with these blue holes by exploring the above-ground entrances, though swimming is normally prohibited for these with out permits. That mentioned, the entrance to Sawmill Sink – the blue gap well-liked for locating thousand-year-old fossils – does couple as a freshwater (swimming) pool. Simply watch out to not dive into the deep finish!

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